Website & Graphic​

Your website is probably the most important piece of your online presence. If you don’t have a solid website, or need to update or redesign what you currently have, Candy Hour can help!

How Can We Help?

With 11 years of dedicated web design experience, Candy Hour is confident developing websites for a wide variety of products and services. From small business to large enterprise to start-ups – we’ve seen it all.

Here are just a few things we can do for your website:

  • customizable buttons and logos
  • customized graphics and animations
  • integration of plug-ins or templates
  • customized portfolios
  • state-of-the-art security setup
  • optimizing website for mobile viewing
  • technical setup for online marketing campaign
  • customized photos
  • We work hard to mold your website into the look and feel that best represents your brand. Using a combination of color schemes, images, graphics, etc., Candy Hour integrates your company’s branding seamlessly into your website.

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